Price Only

950 DKK each ad

Sign Up: New Company

Choose: Company

email: Activate Your Account

  • You will get a email from HHR to activate you account (look into your junk email if you cant find it in your inbox).
    • You need to move it to inbox if it is in junk mail, and then simply push on the activation button inside your email
  • After you have done that – you will be redirected into your profile.

Set up: Company Profile

You need to fill out every boxes here inside, more you fill out, and more information the company are willing to give. We do recommend that you fill everything out there.

  • Company need to fill out:
    • CVR Number
    • Company Name
    • Company Address
    • Telephone Number
    • eMail for receiving invoices and contact person for that email.
  • Add your logo – max 2,5 mb
  • Open image – is optional
  • Social links are also optional but it is cool to have

When user have filled out everything about the company you go to SAVE
Then it is important to go into settings - why…?

What's important to do in settings before you make company first job advertisement.

You as a company user, need to set up the company basic settings – but you only have to do this for the first time. After that you can of course always change company settings or make some improvements.

  • Go to settings on your front page / home screen.

Company can create there own questions.

  • But with the system come four most common used question, you can add more if you want – these questions are:
    1. can you provide a clean criminal record?
    2. Do you have a driver´s license?
    3. Do you smoke
    4. Do you vape?
This questions are always accessible when company makes a new job advertise.
  • You write your question and you can choose between 5 different type of question.
    • Free text box – filtering in the recruitment system do not work for this type og question
    • Date selection - filtering in the recruitment system do not work for this type og question
    • Yes or No questions – filtering do work for this kind of question
    • Choice of one option - filtering do work for this kind of question
    • Choice of multiple options - filtering do work for this kind of question

What is important to do before you make copmany first job advertisement.

Next you have "change password" – it is the users password – you can always change your password (as the user who are signed in).

  • You can add a new user to your company – just press on "new user" fill in information needed. The new user will get a activation email and has to make is own password.

Next you go into the eMail response, in settings.

  • eMail response – is for standard email which are sent from the system.
    • This is a option you have – the system do not do this automatically except for two emails.
      • That it the "job apply - confirm email"
        • "Job apply – confirm email" means – when a applicant has applied for a job – automatically he/she gets a email from the system (behalf of your company) – where the "system" thanks the applicant for to apply for your job – that's professional.
      • And for "Hiring – confirm email" – if you mark a person as Hired in the recruitment system, that person will get a email from your company. Where you confirm that person is hired.
      • You can easily change all the text for subject and main text for these letters in settings – inside the email response. Standard the text are in English, we do recommend that rewrite this text as you want to have it.